An experienced team under improved infrastructure is the pride of Uni Garments India in fashion industry. We got high quality sewing machines along with the required specialized machines for placket, Fido, over lock, picot, Button, Button hole etc along with in-house finishing facility.Our capacity is to produce 50,000 pcs per month. The expert personnel aid in sourcing out the very best of trendy products keeping in mind the client requirements in terms of materials used, designing, color combinations and features. We ventured in this industry with a perseverance to be a leading manufacturer. Nurturing this aim with dedication, we have been able to achieve satisfied client. We have very close associates for good quality wash, embroidery, handwork, smoking, pin tuck etc. to support manufacturing.

Pattern & Grading

Using the latest technologies like Auto CAD, we provide our customers with accurate patterns, expert grading, efficient markers and detailed product's specifications. Our technical team is highly proficient in a wide range of product types including outwear, men's and women's ready to wear, children’s wear, Uniforms. Employing their skills on sophisticated CAD tools our experienced pattern-makers, edit and maintain an inventory of patterns for your company. Since we are using the Internet, we are able to serve the global apparel market.

Marker Making

Once approved and graded, the pattern is ready to be made into a marker we place the pieces onto the marker indicating the grain of the material and ensuring each piece is in the best position in order to optimize the use of material. Our marker making procedure focuses on maximizing productivity and minimizing labour and material costs.

Material Utilization

In order to advisedly purchase the raw materials necessary for your production (fabric, lining, interlining etc.) you can rely on us to estimate the consumptions.

Production Planning

When the company was founded in 2011, its activity was focused almost exclusively on the production of ready-made clothes. As the business kept growing constantly, we reached the pick of 50000 pieces/month capacity.


The Uni Garments India Pvt. Ltd. has nice set up for garments cutting because cutting play a strong roll in technical aspect; for exact garments fitting cutting has to be accurate.

Men’s Wear Collection Women’s Wear Collection Accessories Collection


The factory can produce up to 40,000 garments per month. The infrastructure constitutes of multiple manufacturing units. Machinery is constantly upgraded as per market standards. The Uni Garments India Pvt. Ltd. have proper stuff which is crucial for stitching stage in the assembly of any garment, it has own extensive stitching facility which is helmed by a staff comprising of trained professionals such as Production Planners and Quality Assurance Managers.


The Uni Garments India Pvt. Ltd. has a good capacity for finishing and packing of garments with facilities to provide ironed, hanger, stand, flat pack and crinkle packing.


We have set up of computerized embroidery machines these are capable for handling all kind of works.

Men’s Wear Collection Women’s Wear Collection Accessories Collection


The Uni Garments India Pvt. Ltd. Has well set up to pack goods as per required to clients in system with trained team and headed super vision.


The company has trained dispatch technical team and transportations system to provide in time delivery; for each and every individual carton, with assurance of correct requirements.